Webinar με τον Prof. Koubi Stefen | MIS Academy & ΝΕΓΡΙΝ ΙΝ Dental

Webinar με τον Prof. Koubi Stefen | MIS Academy & ΝΕΓΡΙΝ ΙΝ Dental


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Webinar με τον Prof. Koubi Stefen | MIS Academy & ΝΕΓΡΙΝ ΙΝ Dental

Η MIS Academy και η εταιρεία NΕΓΡΙΝ ΙΝ Dental, σας προσκαλούν στο OFFLINE Webinar με ομιλητή τον Prof. Koubi Stefen και θέμα «Comprehensive Approach in the Esthetic Zone: A Prosthetic-Driven Concept».

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Aesthetic dentistry has become simple, digital, and more than this accessible. Everyday dentistry must be simple, aesthetic, and guided to be popular.

In the aesthetic zone, the practitioner is faced with a lot of challenges according to the initial situation. Whatever the difficulty of the case, the dentist should think as an architect to plan the case. A fully guided protocol will be presented.

Analogic treatment planning using the latest press technologies will highlight the treatment of severely worn dentition. A fully digital workflow associated with CAD/CAM material and technologies will be presented to fix the implant case. In both cases, all the clinical steps are driven by the final design in order to predict the final outcome precisely.

For the last 15 years, implants have become an efficient, safe and predictable solution to restore dental defects and mimic nature. At the same time, materials, technics, and concepts brought us the solutions to offer contemporary dentistry to our patients. Dental manufacturers offer awesome products. These need to fit with a precise methodology and treatment planning in the aesthetic area in order to propose solutions to the dentist and improve their daily life.

This presentation will aim to suggest a simple way of working and thinking based on the final design, which can be resumed by these three keywords: feasible, teachable and repeatable.

The pink part will be driven by the ideal white part guided by the aesthetic project (placement of the implant, connected soft tissue graft, customized temporaries, and final restoration). A new type of implant will be presented as a versatile tool.

Both of these topics use the same philosophy (minimal invasive approaches), the same bonded materials (CAD/CAM material, press material), the same concept (visualization, validation, navigation through the mockup and guided surgery), and the same clinical procedure (prep design, temporization, cementation).

👤 Σύντομο βιογραφικό του Prof. Koubi

Prof. Koubi graduated from the University of Marseille in 1998. He has been an Associate Professor in the Restorative Department at Marseille University since 2008 and received his Ph.D. in 2011. He was a resident for 3 years at Paris University after his graduation.

He has a private office in Marseille and a smile consultation clinic in Paris. His main topic concerns esthetic rehabilitation for cosmetic or functional reasons (worn dentition). He has been invited to many prestigious esthetic academies to lecture on a simple way to achieve a high level of esthetic dentistry and he mainly focuses on the “teachability” of esthetic dentistry.

He is a speaker in esthetic postgraduate programs in many universities (Marseille, Strasbourg, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi). Prof. Koubi received the Gold Molar title from students of his university (best teacher of the year) in 2012 and a title of best French speaker during the same year. He was awarded the Silver Molar in 2014.

Since 2012 he is a member of the Style Italiano group, in charge of the Indirect topic. In 2013, he founded L’institut de la Facette, a private training center focused on smile design for worn dentition and cosmetic rehabilitation.

He is the author of many scientific article and case report on esthetic dentistry. In March 2018 he has published in JPRD a novel simplified approach to the treatment of worn dentition called “The full mock-up concept”. He is the author of the book “Laminate veneer every day every wear: 20 recipes for smile design” which will be published by Quintessence this year.


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