Athena Smile Pelekanos Dental Clinic

Smile is very important in human communication, as it expresses emotions such as joy, generosity, acceptance and trust and with the right treatment can be an asset.
Our goal is to ensure, with the help of a fully specialized team, the best treatment for your teeth both aesthetically and functionally. The clinic was established in 1994, and in 2005 moved to it ‘s own private facilities, equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Dates: MODULE.#1 12-15/05/2022, MODULE.#2 07-10/07/2022. MODULE.#3 06-08/10/2022, MODULE.#4 18-19/11/2022

Dates: MODULE.#1 8-11/07/2021, MODULE.#2 15-17/10/2021. MODULE.#3 11-14/11/2021, MODULE.#4 02/2022

Dates:  Module I - 31/10-03/11/2019, Athens → Module II - 06-09/02/2020, Athens → Module III - (TBA), Athens, AthenaSmile Pelekanos Dental Clinic & Divani Caravel → Module IV - (TBA), Athens → Module V - (TBA), Athens, AthenaSmile Pelekanos Dental Clinic → Module VI - (TBA), Athens → Module VII - 06-10/11/2020, Munich - Germany

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Seminars (Archive)


Date: 14-18/11/2018

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Conduct date: 13-16/05/2018