Grand Hyatt Athens

Experience the Past and Present of Athens
Located on Syngrou Avenue connecting the cultural and modern center of the city with the magnificent Athenian Riviera. Grand Hyatt Athens offers the ultimate hospitality experience in a city with a heady mix of history and edginess. Feel your heart soar when you first glimpse the “Acropolis” rising high above the city skyline, discover “Plaka” the beautiful and picturesque old city of Athens and live the glamour and serenity of the famous “big blue” stretch of the Athenian Riviera.

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Συνέδρια (Αρχείο)

The Masterminds vol. II

350.00 230.00

Ημερομηνία διεξαγωγής: 17-18/05/2019 (Αθήνα)