Plac Control

The Plac Control company has been dealing exclusively with scientific products for oral care since 1987. The company’ s goal is to offer the universally best quality products for oral care to dentists, pharmacists and consumers, in order to help people to achieve the best possible oral health. The best companies involved in scientific research are choosen. They are selected due to their originality and their product acceptance within the scientific community. The companies listed below are based in Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Belgium etc. and maintain leading positions. Plac Control cooperates closely with Dental Schools, Pharmaceutical Associations and Scientific Dental Societies. Our products are advertised and supported by means of articles on oral health in both dental and pharmaceutical journals as well as in broad circulation journals.

Plac Control company has adopted the efficient and widely practiced Swedish philosophy of preventive practices. Plac Control is the exclusive representative in Greece and in Bulgaria of the leading Swedish company TePe.

Our goal is to offer consumers the highest quality products and services, thereby helping them achieve the best oral health possible. We have succeded due to our credibility, flexibility and responsibility to our customers.

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