Inaki Gamborena


Graduated in Dentistry at the University Odontológica Dominicana, UOD 1989

Certificate in Occlusion and  Temporo-Mandibular Disorders at the Mexican

Association of Occlusal Reconstruction in México City, 1989-90

Certificate in Restorative Dentistry at the Autonoma of Nuevo León University

in Monterey, México, 1990-92

Certificate in Prosthodontics & Master of Science in Dentistry. University of

Washington-Seattle (USA), 1993-96 was awarded with the Bolender Contest

Award for clinical and academic excellence

Certificate in Oral & Craneofacial Implant Fellowship Program. University of

Texas, Houston (USA), 1996-97

Affiliate Professor, Department of Restorative Dentistry, University of

Washington Dental School, Seattle (Washington) since 2001

Assistant Professor, Department of Preventive and Restorative

Sciences, University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, Philadelphia

(Pennsylvania) since 2007

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Periodontics, Medical College of

Georgia, Augusta (Georgia) since 2009

Active Member of the European Academy of Esthetics Dentistry, since 2002.

Member of the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry, since 2011,

    • Founder member of “the Ponti Group”, Chicago 2012
    • Author of the book “EVOLUTION : Contemporary Protocols for Anterior Single Tooth Implants” I. Gamborena/ M. B. Blatz by Quintessence Publishing Co Inc, 2014.
    • Inventor of the “slim temporary abutment concept : maximizing space for soft tissue growth” Nobelbiocare, November 2014.
    • Maintains private practice in San Sebastian, Spain, dedicated to Aesthetics,

Restorative Dentistry and Implants