1 Year Clinical Masters Program in Advanced Contemporary Prosthodontics (6th Year)

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Stavros Pelekanos
(Course Director)

Ilia Roussou
Ioannis Vergoulis
Andrea Ricci
Francesco Mintrone
Nazariy Mykhaylyuk
Daniel Edelhoff
Antonio Corradini
Florin Cofar
Nitzan Bichacho
Irena Sailer
Vincent Fehmer

Starting from a single tooth restoration to a full mouth reconstruction, Prosthodontics remains the basic foundation in clinical Dentistry involving basic steps like the diagnosis, treatment planning, tooth preparation, impression, model articulation, laboratory procedures and final delivery. Current evolvement in computer technology (DSD, intraoral scanners, CAD CAM procedures) enables a faster and sometimes easier workflow in some of these steps, but still basic prosthodontic rules need to be applied from the beginning till the end.

This 1-year curriculum aims to a comprehensive training in the field of prosthodontics starting from the clinical evaluation and documentation at the first appointment till the final delivery, including basic steps throughout the treatment.

Dental photography
Diagnosis – treatment plan
Digital smile design (DSD)
Articulators and face bow
Occlusal concepts in modern prosthodontics
Maximum intercuspation (MI) vs centric relation (CR)
Management of full arch-mouth cases increasing or reducing the VDO
Tooth preparation designs in modern prosthodontics
Reconstruction of endodontically treated teeth
Ceramic veneers
The synergy between digital and analog workflow. When and how?
Materials used in Prosthodontics. What has changed?
Cementation procedures.

In all sessions live patient demonstrations, and hands on will be performed. At the end of this curriculum all the participants will be able to complete a prosthetic rehabilitation starting from ceramic veneers to full mouth cases using updated modern concepts.

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Upcoming Events

Date: 13/10/2024 (Athens)

Dates: Module E1 19-22/02/2025, Module E2 14-17/05/2025, Module E3 17-20/09/2025

Dates: MODULE 1 (May 30 – June 1, 2024), MODULE 2 (July 18 - 20, 2024), MODULE 3 (October 17 - 19, 2024), MODULE 4 (December 5 – 7, 2024)


Date: 11-12/10/2024

Not Available

Dates: Module I: 15-18 May 2024,  Athens Greece | Module II: 11-14 July 2024, Athens Greece | Module III: 23-26 October 2024, Athens Greece | Module IV: 15-16 November 2024, Munich Germany

Dates: Module Ι: 05-07/04/2024 Module II: 10-12/06/2024 Module III: 18-20/07/2024 Module IV: 19-21/09/2024