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“eLAB®” – capture, calibrate & create with IPS e.max ceram!

Avoiding awkward moments during shade try-in’s Matching natural tooth shades reliably remains a formidable challenge in the every day for those individuals who strive for perfection.

Clinical results can be optimized if the dental ceramist is able to be present during shade assessment and try-in. However, even under these ideal conditions the accuracy of a shade match is still largely dependent on the ceramist experience, talent and finally, a considerable amount of luck.

A huge amount of shade sensitive anterior restorations are routinely returned to the lab for shade alterations or complete re-do’s, causing considerable financial loss and frustration.

Moreover, the demands of an increasingly globalized market place impose new challenges on the high street ceramist which prohibit direct contact with patients due to geographic distance. How can the clinician communicate tooth shade accurately using commonly available technology with a standardized protocol, and how can the ceramist replicate the shade reliably without costly redo’s?

Solving the shade problem once and for all Solving anterior shade matching once and for all has since long been a well recognized industry persistent problem. Now, a standardized protocol for dental photography has been developed, using a digital camera set-up suitable for dental photography to finally address this issue.

Together with the use of a specifically designed grey reference card and the polar_eyes® filter, the intra oral situation is captured, without the use of a shade guide.

The digital photograph is then processed to measure the desired target shade. A patient specific shade recipe can then be formulated with the help of a dedicated app, using only Power Dentine PD-B0 to serve as the dentine base while IPS Ivocolor stains E12 (brown), E21 (basic red) & E22 (basic yellow) are ideally suited to provide the correct hue, chroma and value. The eLAB® system provides a new, innovative, shade guide-freemethod to reliably match any tooth shade over the distance using IPS e.max and IPS e.max ceram.

What will you learn A simulation model consisting of extracted teeth serves as the master model for this course. One of the two maxillary centrals has been prepared to receive a crown. We will measured the tooth shade with a regular DSLR camera system suitable for dental photography in combination with the polar_eyes® filter and software.

An individual dentine recipe is then formulated using the
eLABor_aid® system. After completion you get the chance to try-in your crown in-vitro on the simulation model to check the shade accuracy for yourself.



Sascha Hein








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E-Lab Capture, Calibrate & Create


Date: 1-3/03/2019


  • Application of the L*a*b* color system for a new form of shade communication without shade
  • Introduction to the eLAB® system using Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and Keynote
  • Practical realisation of a maxillary IPS e.max single central restoration using on a simulation model which consists of extracted human teeth in a PMMA model.

What to bring:

  • The usual armamentarium suitable for ceramic work (personal instruments, diamond burs ect.)
  • A DSLR camera system suitable for dental photography including body, macro lens and ring or lateral flash. A matching polar_eyes® filter is needed and can be provided during the course.
  • The latest versions of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC should be installed. A free, 7 day trial version can be downloaded from www.adobe.com.
  • Please make sure Keynote or Powerpoint is installed on your Mac or PC.
  • A formatted, empty memory card for your camera.

Join me on a fascinating journey through the inner cosmos of the natural tooth. Experience the
exciting world of applied science and learn a new, evidence based approach to solve the persistent
problem of shade matching in the every day – once and for all. This mind boggling course is
packed with deep background knowledge, new ideas as well as lots of fun and excitement!

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