implant placement after tooth extraction– When, Why and How

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Έναρξη: 26/5/2023



“Invisible Single Tooth Replacement” in the Esthetic zone has been considered for decades one of the pinnacles of Implantology. This procedure embraces surgical aspects of both hard and soft tissue preservation, reconstruction & remodeling. Implant, connection and abutment design play an Important role as well, and recent Prosthodontic advances in the field metal free CAD CAM technology with materials like Zirconia, Alumina and Lithium Di-Silicate created an Esthetic and Biological breakthrough. Going through the Gingival section from the neck of the implant towards the visible part of the Emerging tooth-like restoration, the team technician-clinician has to position up to four different interfaces between the different components and materials in this 3-4mm of running space. They have to increase diameters substantially creating the emergence profile going from a narrow connection to a much wider anatomical perimeter crossing different layers of soft tissue, every layer with its own specific characteristics and features. At the end of this process stable crestal bone levels remain still today one of the most wanted features of successful implant treatment.

The Lectures addresses the key elements on the way to excellence were the different pieces of carefully designed hardware have to respect the layer specific tissue features to obtain a long-lasting clinical stability. Concepts like  carefull esthetic backward planning and different workflows, digital combined with ceramic art work, often test-driven with provisional will be explained in all their aspects by the team of the talented lecturers Stavros (Prosthodontist) and Egon (Surgeon). Both of them have the full A-Z understanding which makes this course interesting for GP’s, Implantologist, and oral maxilla facial surgeons as well! Live surgery and video sessions will complete the picture with real life cases in which all details are shown.

Keywords: Biologic width, multi-layer soft tissue philosophy, Bottle Neck Emergence profile design, Oral, Sulcus and Junctional Epithelium, CT attachment, Crestal Bone, Soft Tissue Thickness, Esthetic Excellence.

Learning Objectives:

- Decision making process around tooth extraction in the esthetic zone
- Single tooth, multiple and full mouth rehab.
- The different implant types with their key features
- How, when and why to optimize the pink interface
- Understanding of the different layers within the biologic width. Teeth Vs Implants
- A recipe for stable crestal bone levels
- A proposal for a bio-friendly emergence profile
- Insight in the digital workflow
- Some fundamental material knowledge
- Communication with the Lab.
- Management of failures and complications
- How to see and avoid the pitfalls
- The correct timing within the A-Z workflow



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Egon Euwe


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implant placement after tooth extraction - When, Why and How (Αθήνα)

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